Finance Manager v8.0.70515.0 - Published on 19/05/2017

The latest version of Tradebox Finance Manager is V8.0.70515.0 published on 19/05/2017. You can select Support in the software to check which version of the program you currently have installed.

This build contains the following changes:

  • Compatibility with the new Amazon VAT Calculation Service for Amazon FBA.
    Based on the format of the report, Tradebox will determine whether the report contains Amazon Merchant sales or FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) and will interpret the net/vat split in the report appropriately. This is automatic and doesn't require any change to your Tradebox settings.
  • Change to the fields read for discount amounts on ChannelAdvisor sales channels, following input from ChannelAdvisor support.
  • Now supports net prices where these are surfaced by a ChannelAdvisor sales channel. Where 'Add VAT to selling price' is ticked, we assume ChannelAdvisor is also surfacing net carriage values and will add VAT to these.
  • Changes to how foreign characters are read from Linnworks CSV order files.
  • Minor bug fix on downloading eBay fees. If no fees exist in the date range, no longer returns an error.

To upgrade to the latest version please follow the instructions in the Upgrade article.

If you are upgrading Sage please read the Upgrading Sage article which contains all the instructions you will need to do this successfully.

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