User logons and password-protecting Tradebox One

User logons

Tradebox One currently has a single logon name for users: TBUSER. Whenever you launch the program you’ll be prompted to log in, you also will be if you ever restore a backup. By default there’s no password on this logon.


Multiple users can be signed in as TBUSER at the same time. If you’re running Tradebox in a network environment, Tradebox will track the computer name each user is accessing from as well as the logon name, so there’s no conflict. At present, all users have full access to Tradebox One; user access levels are planned for future development but not currently available.

Service logon

The Tradebox Data Service also logs in to your database when it needs access, such as when it’s downloading new orders. It uses the logon TRADEBOXSERVICE to do this, so it’s perfectly normally to see that logon appear and disappear from the user list.

Tradebox Support logon

If a Tradebox Support agent ever accesses your data, they’ll log in as the user TBSUPPORT. This logon is designed to remain logged into until removed manually from the user list. It’s also coded to block any uploads back to the online marketplaces. This is a safety net that lets us test your data without any risk of unintentionally affecting your webstore.


In Maintenance > User List, if you notice TBSUPPORT has been left logged in and a Tradebox Support agent is not currently remotely accessing any computer on your network to assist with a problem, then you should use the Remove button in the user list to log that user out.


The User List

In Maintenance > User List, you’ll be able to see which users are currently logged in to Tradebox. If Tradebox doesn’t close down properly (e.g. a user crashes out of the program via Task Manager), the user may not clear from the list.

If TBUSER fails to clear from the list, when you re-launch Tradebox on the same PC, the program will display a prompt that the user was previously logged in and ask you to log that user out. If TRADEBOXSERVICE is left logged in to the user list, the Service Indicator will act as though the service is running, but no orders will download. Check the user list to see which PC the service was last logged in on. If Task Manager on that PC shows Tradebox_Service.exe is not currently running, use the Remove button in the User List to remove that user, then close and reopen Tradebox to force the service to restart.


Password-protecting Tradebox One

If you’d like to apply a password to Tradebox One, you can do so in Maintenance > Security. The password is applied to the database and not to any one user logon, so anyone connected to your Tradebox data will need to know the password.


If a password is applied, you’ll be prompted on opening Tradebox One. You’ll also be prompted for it if you restore a backup that was taken from a password-protected database (the relevant password is the one that was set at the point when the backup was taken, this won’t have changed if you’ve applied a new password since then), or if you connect to a password-protected database over a network.

A password is required. OK is greyed out.

On entering the correct password, OK becomes active.

If you wish to discard an existing password, you can do so in Maintenance > Security. Enter the current password and leave both new password fields blank > OK.

If you forget your password, Tradebox Support can reset it. You’ll need to prove you should have access to the data; this means we’ll need to speak to the named contact on the account and ask them to confirm some details. We’ll also need remote access to your PC, via TeamViewer.

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