WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export

Tradebox One integration with WooCommerce is achieved utilising the WooCommerce Customer/Order Export module which publishes a standardised CSV file with all of the relevant customer/order information required by Tradebox. This plugin requires WordPress 4.4 or newer to export data from WooCommerce and can be purchased from as little as $79 for a single site.

Full installation, configuration and purchase instructions can be found on the WooCommerce site.

Once this plugin is installed it can be configured to automatically produce a CSV file of customers and orders. Tradebox One has been configured to read the Default - One Row Per Item Order File in a CSV format. A sample of this file is attached to this article. This file can be either downloaded manually or 

This file can be either downloaded manually or routinely published to the user's FTP where it can be automatically downloaded by Tradebox. Unlike setting up a bespoke CSV channel, the WooCommerce channel has been 'templated' in Tradebox meaning that all of the configuration and mappings for the specific WooCommerce file have been done in advance. Further information can be found in the WooCommerce Channel Integration Guide or the Woocommerce Channel Integration Video.



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