Upgrading Finance Manager to Tradebox One

If you are an existing Tradebox Finance Manager user, you may wish to upgrade your existing software to Tradebox One. The advantage of doing this is that you do not need to set up all of your channels again, and Tradebox will store the last 30 days' worth of order numbers to prevent duplication.

Before You Start

Before you begin the upgrade process, it's important to know a few things:

  • This process is not reversible. Once the upgrade is complete, Finance Manager will no longer be able to download orders or restore backups. However, it is still best practice to take a backup of Finance Manager before closing it down to start the upgrade process.
  • Channel Advisor and Paypal, and Amazon Japan sales channels are not supported in Tradebox One and will not be upgraded. Additionally, Amazon Merchant and Amazon FBA orders MUST now be downloaded through two separate channels. If any of these changes affect you, please call Tradebox support to discuss. 
  • It is essential that all installations of Finance Manager are closed on all PCs before beginning the upgrade process. This will ensure that you avoid duplication of orders.
  • One key difference between Finance Manager and Tradebox One is that where Finance Manager required one Sage logon, Tradebox One requires two. Before starting, you will need to go into Settings -> Access Rights in Sage and set up the following users with full access: TBUSER and TBSERVICE. 
  • The upgrade must take place on a PC where Tradebox Finance Manager is already installed.

The Upgrade Process

When you first install Tradebox One, you will be presented with a Tradebox Logon box. The default username is TBUSER with no password. Passwords can be created later in Maintenance > Security.


You will then be asked to choose whether you want to install Tradebox as an entirely new program, or to use existing data. To upgrade, select the option 'Install Tradebox and upgrade the data from an existing Finance Manager Installation'.


Once you've chosen to upgrade, you will be asked to fill in some company details, which were not previously stored in Finance Manager. To be able to use the full scope of Tradebox VAT settings, you will need to enter your VAT number.

The next screen deals with your VAT settings, whether you want stock control, and if so, where you want the products and stock levels to come from (Tradebox or Sage). See Inventory Choice for details. Note that the VAT setting is only a default and will be overridden by product if you sell a mix of VAT/Non-VAT goods and by regional settings for EU and Rest of World sales.



On the final screen, you will be asked to confirm that you understand how the Tradebox Data Service operates, and also the implications of the upgrade from Finance Manager to Tradebox One. The wizard will not allow you to proceed without this confirmation.


At this point, if you chose Sage inventory, you will be prompted for a logon name to access your Sage accounts, in order to retrieve your product information from Sage. Either the TBUSER or TBSERVICE logon can be used for this one-off process.


After this, the upgrade process will begin. This can take some time if your Finance Manager data is large. Once the process is complete, the program will load to the orders screen. Although this screen is blank, Tradebox will have a record of the last 30 days' worth of order numbers from your Finance Manager which will prevent orders downloading into Sage for a second time.

If you click on the Channels tab across the top, you will see all your channels from Finance Manager have now been created in Tradebox One. channels.PNG

Each channel will initially be inactive, with both the Download and Upload functions switched off. We recommend that you open up each channel and go through them to check the settings before turning on the Download and/or Upload options and activating the channels. Please see the Channel Integration Guides section for detailed information on what to check in each channel.

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