Magento 2

What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 has been available to users for the past few years. It is a significant change in infrastructure from Magento 1.9.x and at present Tradebox doesn't have a direct API integration to Magento v2.

Magento have stated that they'll continue to support and release security updates to 1.9.x for the foreseeable future and will give 18 months notice of any changes; see for details.


Is Tradebox compatible with Magento 2?

We don't currently have an API integration with Magento 2. This is on our development road map but we don’t have an expected date for completion of an API connection. Magento stated in May 2017 that they’ll continue to support 1.9.x for the foreseeable future and will give 18 months’ notice of any changes to that.

If you currently use both Magento and Tradebox, to maintain compatibility for the time being your options are:

1) Continue to use Magento 1.9.x


2) As a temporary solution, configure your Magento v2 store to output the order information as a CSV file that Tradebox can read. You’d need to create a new Sales Channel within Tradebox as a custom CSV channel, if you don’t have a spare channel on your licence you could delete the existing Magento sales channel and create the CSV channel in its place.

With option 2, you'd still get orders downloading and posting to Sage (along with all the functions that are tied to that in Sage - customer accounts, sales receipts, products adjusting out). The only limitation vs Magento 1 is you wouldn't be able to use Tradebox to pass anything back to Magento - i.e. free stock quantities from Sage.

Your Magento developer may be able to build the CSV export and we can provide file specification if needed. Alternatively, we do have details of a CSV order exporter available at cost for Magento v2. That's not made by ourselves but does output the orders in a format that Tradebox can read. It's made by Lee Newell at Net Waves, who you can contact at

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