The Manager Logon in Sage Accounts

Every version of Sage 50 Accounts (including 50c/Essentials/Instant Accounts) has the ability to create user logons. These may be visible to the user - on opening Sage will prompt for username and password - or hidden. Regardless of your version of Sage and settings, there is always one user account present which has the top level of access in Sage. This is the Manager logon.

The Manager logon has control over the other user logons within your Sage dataset. It also has access to a couple of extra options that even another user with 'full access' does not have...think of it as being like the admin logon for Sage. For this reason, it's really important that you're able to log in to Sage as Manager, both when first setting up Tradebox and later if you're having issues with the Sage integration and need to troubleshoot.


  • I don't think my Sage has any user logons, it opens without prompting/prompts for a password but no username
    • Some versions of Sage will do this. What's actually happening is you are logging in as the Manager user, but that process is hidden. To use Tradebox you'll need to make a couple of changes:
      In Sage, go to Settings > Company Preferences. If you're prompted for a password at this point, it's the same as the one you use to open Sage. Go to the Parameters tab and tick the box for Access Rights > OK.
      This will have two effects: 1) Going forward, every time you open Sage you'll be prompted for a username and password; you should use the username Manager and if you had a password to access Sage already this will be the same as it was previously. 2) You now have the ability to create additional user logons which Tradebox needs.
  • I log in to Sage as my name/company director's name/admin/some other username and I've got full access. That's enough, isn't it?
    • For practically everything you do in Sage as day-to-day tasks, yes. For creating new user logons or resetting passwords on existing logons if you've forgotten them, no, only the Manager logon can do this.
  • Is it possible that we've changed the name of our Manager logon to something else?
    • No, that username isn't changeable and that logon is always present even if you wouldn't normally use it
  • Does the Manager logon have a password?
    • It may do. On first installing Sage, the Manager logon doesn't have a password and yours may still not. If one has been set, it will have been set by someone in your business (unless you've had a data repair or conversion performed by Sage support; they'll set a password for security when sending data back and should have told you what this is).
    • In the newest versions of Sage, the program will force you to set a password when logging in as Manager.
    • The easy test is to try it. Close Sage and at the logon screen, try Manager as the username with no password...the program will let you know if that's incorrect.
  • Are the passwords case-sensitive?
    • No. Neither are the usernames - Sage forces these into upper case
  • My Manager logon has a password but I've forgotten it, what can I do?
    • Contact Sage support on 0845 111 5555. They can decode a password over the phone. You won't need to pay or to take out a support contract, though you will need to answer some security questions first.
  • Can't I just let Tradebox access my Sage with the Manager logon?
    • No, it's far better to create unique logons for Tradebox as this allows you to have Tradebox open at the same time as Sage. Tradebox doesn't count towards your user limit or require a multi-user licence in Sage, third party programs are essentially 'free' users.


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