What is an FTP?

All of our set up guides for channels that use a CSV file mention that the file can be automated to an FTP. Here's a quick guide to what an FTP is and what it can do to help you automate Tradebox.

 File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a method of transferring files from one location to another. For our purposes, it refers to a location accessible over the internet via an address starting ftp://

We don't provide the FTP location for you to use with Tradebox, but normally the company that hosts your website will be able to set one up for you. You can view and download files from your FTP using a web browser like Google Chrome, but normally adding or amending files on FTP requires an FTP application like Filezilla. 

An FTP isn't necessary for a CSV channel in Tradebox, but they're often used in conjunction with a script or cron job on your webstore that will automatically generate the CSV file containing the orders and store it on the FTP location at a certain interval, e.g. hourly. Tradebox will then check this location as part of its normal routine and when it detects a new file, download it and read the orders. If you don't have or don't want to use an FTP with Tradebox that's perfectly fine, you'd just have one extra step to do in the download process by making sure a copy of the order file goes in to your Input Folder.

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