Query Orders - Total Paid from eBay does not match Tradebox order total

An eBay order may occasionally end up in query, giving the reason 'Total Paid from eBay does not match Tradebox order total'. This is to address a problem caused by a delay in the eBay API.


Sometimes, on a multi-line order, eBay does not provide all the product lines at the same time, which allows incomplete orders to download into Tradebox. Allowing these orders to post to Sage immediately would cause missing lines on your Sage invoices or sales orders, so instead Tradebox adds up all the lines it has and if that total doesn't match the total provided from eBay, it will hold the order in a status of query. Then, once eBay provides the rest of the product lines, Tradebox will add these to the existing order and the totals will then match, which will release the order from query and allow it to post to Sage as a complete order. No action is required on your part to resolve this issue, Tradebox will resolve it automatically.

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