Message lines and Notes

Tradebox One features a number of options for tracking your own notes, and those entered by your customers on the marketplace.

Marketplace Order Message

The Notes tab of each order displays the Marketplace Order Message. This is downloaded directly from the marketplace from the following fields:

  • Amazon – Gift message
  • eBay – Buyer checkout message
  • BigCommerce – Customer order comment
  • EKM – Order notes
  • Magento – Gift message
  • Any other channels that import from a CSV file take this from the Message field as mapped in the Import File tab of the sales channel.

This field is read-only within TBv1 and can’t be amended by the user on an existing order.

In the order list, Tradebox will display Marketplace_message.PNG in the Msg column next to any order which has a marketplace order message. The Marketplace Order Message will also print on the default Invoice layout in Tradebox and on the Order Packing List.

Order Notes

The Notes tab of each order gives the option to add as many of your own notes as you need. Think of these as memos that are purely internal to TBv1, as they won’t be surfaced on invoices, included in export of orders or passed to your accounts package. They can be edited and deleted.

Messages and notes for Sage

The Marketplace Order Message can be added as a message line on the invoice or sales order that’s posted to Sage. To enable this, in Channels > Edit > Accounts > Postings > tick Add Message Line.

Sage also features three notes fields within the Order tab of each invoice or sales order. These are labelled as one Notes section, but each line is actually its own writeable field: Notes 1, Notes 2 and Notes 3. TBv1 can be configured to populate these on each invoice, controlled via Configuration > Sage.

You’ll notice that most of the options for mapping to these fields are passed down from the marketplace (e.g. customer email address or order status). The dropdown also contains Notes 1, Notes 2 and Notes 3 – these are user-editable fields within each order in Tradebox One – the Notes tab of the order contains a Notes 1, Notes 2 and Notes 3 field, meaning you can keep consistent user-entered notes between TBv1 and Sage.

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