Tradebox Data Service stalls with no error message – Under Investigation 24/08/2017

Issue under investigation

We’re currently investigating an issue where the Tradebox Data Service stalls without giving an error message or any other sign of malfunction. The data service is responsible for downloading orders from the marketplace, posting to Sage, marking orders as despatched and uploading stock levels to the marketplace.


Symptoms of the issue

As a user, the first thing you’re likely to notice is that orders are not downloading. The logs show no new lines although the data service appears to be running from the Service_indicator_green.PNG indicator in the upper right of the program and in Task Manager.


Checking if this is your issue

  1. Go to Logs. Check the timestamp of the most recent log line in the Process tab. Has it been more than 30 minutes since your last entry? If not, wait and check later. You can refresh the logs screen at any time by clicking on Logs again.

    Note – some processes communicating with the marketplaces do genuinely take a long time. An entry in the logs periodically such as ‘processing orders, please wait’ indicates the service is running as normal; in this instance no further action is needed, just wait for the process to complete.
  2. Does the Service Indicator show the service is running? A green Service_indicator_green.PNG icon indicates that the program thinks the service is running.

Green indicator + no entries in logs in last 30 minutes = the service has stalled.


Resolving the issue

  1. Check your Service PC: Only one machine on your network is responsible for running the Tradebox Data Service. To check, go to Support. The name of the Service PC will be listed under Program Information on the left.
  2. Close Tradebox One. If you’re running across a network, make sure it is closed on all PC’s before proceeding.
  3. This step should be carried out on the Service PC you checked in step 1. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and end the Tradebox Data Service.This will be found in the Details tab (Windows 10 + Windows 8 - you may need to click More Details from the inital view - or the Processes tab in Windows 7). Click on Tradebox _Service.exe and choose End Task. Note – it’s fine to leave the Tradebox Application Service running, this process is unaffected.
  4. This step only applies if integrating with Sage. Open Sage and log in with the Manager logon. Go to View > User List. If either TBUSER or TBSERVICE shows in the list, highlight them and click Remove. Neither should be actually logged in if Tradebox and the Data Service aren’t running. Say yes to the message, then Close the user list.
  5. Reopen Tradebox One. Within a few seconds the Data Service should start running. The Service Indicator should change from red Service_indicator_red.PNG to green Service_indicator_green.PNG. Go to Logs – you should see the line The Tradebox Service connected to the database as the most recent entry. Wait 90 seconds and refresh the Logs screen. You should then see the service loop has resumed normal running.


What are we doing about it?

We appreciate that this issue can have a big impact on the way your software is running. So far we’ve seen this behaviour where the program is carrying out a variety of different tasks (though you may only experience it with one task such as posting to Sage or uploading stock levels). As such we currently suspect it’s not a specific mechanism failing but a general issue with the data service running out of memory after extended periods of operation. You might find this happens periodically throughout the course of the day and you need to follow the above steps to resolve each time.

Our development team are currently working on a mechanism to automatically force the data service to close and restart itself after a set length of time. This might take us a couple of weeks. Once this is complete we’ll test it internally and release an updated build of Tradebox One with that mechanism in place. We’ll update this article at that time and contact any users who we know have reported the issue.

In the meantime the above steps should work as a temporary measure to keep things moving. Thanks for your patience and your continued use of our software.

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