Sage 50 v24 - updated 19/09/2017

Sage UK launched version 24 (2018) of Sage 50 Accounts in September 2017. Whichever version of Tradebox you're running, you will require an update to maintain compatibility with the newest version of Sage.



  • Is it okay to upgrade to v24 of Sage if I use Tradebox?
    • Yes, but you'll need the most recent build of whichever Tradebox software you use
  • Will I need to upgrade Sage to keep using Tradebox?
    • No, all our software is compatible back to Sage v15 (2009)
  • Are there any new features in Sage v24 that Tradebox will use?
    • No, none of the new features in v24 impact on Tradebox's integration with Sage
  • How can I check which versions of the software I'm running?
    • In Sage go to Help > About. Your version number will be under the heading of Program Details, usually at the top left of the screen.
    • In Tradebox go to Support at the upper right of the program. Your version number is in the upper left under the Program Information heading.
  • Once I've upgraded, will I need to do anything in Sage?  
    • You'll need to re-enable third-party integration using the new SDO keys for v24:
      Serial number: SAGESDO
      Activation Key: ZHIEKPK
    • For full instructions, see our guide to third-party integration.
  • When I do upgrade, will I need to do anything in Tradebox?
    • You'll need to install an updated build of your Tradebox software:
    • Tradebox Finance manager is compatible as of v8.1.70919.0. Click here for upgrade steps.
    • Tradebox One is compatible as of 1.0.70825.0. If you're on an earlier build of Tradebox One, click here for upgrade steps.
    • Once that's done, you'll also need to refresh the connection to Sage:
      • In Tradebox Finance Manager, go to Sales Channels > Change Sage Company. Choose the Sage company from the dropdown box, input the Sage logon name that Tradebox uses and password if there is one. If all your sales channels point to the same Sage company, tick Apply To All Sales Channels. If you have channels going to different Sage companies, you'll need to complete this step individually on a channel-by-channel basis (open the sales channel by double-clicking and go to the Sage Installation tab, use the Change Sage Company button from that screen).
      • In Tradebox One, go to Channels and double-click a sales channel to open it. Go to Accounts > Connections. Choose the Sage company from the dropdown box and make sure the Version box is set to 24. Leave the two logon names at their presets of tbuser and tbservice, input the passwords if you've added a password to those logons in Sage. Click Connect to Sage.

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