Version 1.0.70815.0 - Published on 15/08/2017

The latest version of Tradebox is v1.0.70815.0, published on 15/08/2017. You can select Support in the software to check which version of the program you currently have installed. If you are currently using version 1.0.70629.0 (published on 29/06/2017) or earlier, please do not proceed without speaking to Tradebox support as there are changes you must make prior to upgrading. We can be contacted at 0191 257 4707 or 

This build contains changes to how Tradebox connects to Sage, so if you're using Tradebox for Sage integration, after upgrading please double click on each channel in your Channels screen in turn, and select the Accounts tab to refresh the connection to Sage.

This build contains the following changes:

  • The ability to browse to a Sage dataset has been added where Tradebox is unable to read a company from your Company file
  • If a VAT number is provided for an EU sale, this will now automatically be treated as a business to business sale.
  • Tracking numbers can now be imported from a CSV into the Shipping screen.
    • The process expects a CSV file with the Tradebox Order Number in the first column (as this is guaranteed to be unique) and the Tracking Number in the second column. Existing tracking numbers will be updated if imported prior to marking product as despatched.
  • Changes to stock upload:
    • A preview of the quantities to be uploaded has been added if Configuration > Preferences > Inventory > Display Quantities is checked
    • Upload for CSV channels will create a distinct file each time marked with timestamp.
    • A local location can be set for this file in the Sales Channel > Export File tab.
  • Refunded orders from ebay will no longer be downloaded.
  • Changes and bug fixes in the order packing list.
  • Additional check added in customer mapping to avoid duplicate customer accounts.
  • Minor changes to UI.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

To get the latest build, follow the steps at

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