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One reason why orders can go into a status of query in Tradebox is if you are connecting to Sage and have the 'Manually Match/Create Sage customer' setting applied in one of your sales channels. This means that you have elected for all orders to be trapped in Tradebox and not sent to Sage until they have a valid customer mapping that you will manually allocate. 

If an order is awaiting customer validation, you will see the following message within the order:


It also displays in the issues log, which you can access by clicking on Logs in the top right hand corner of Tradebox, and then clicking on the issues tab:


If you have orders that are held for validation, the Customer Validation button on the issues log becomes active. When you click on this, you are presented with the following screen:


The customers' names are displayed here along with their order number and a suggested account reference. At this point you can choose either to tick the box for 'Create Sage A/C', in which case a new account will be created with the suggested reference, or alternatively, select an existing Sage customer account from the drop down list which appears when you click into the Customer A/C Ref. column. Once you have made your changes, clicking on Save will allow the orders to come out of query status on the next cycle.

Please Note: If you're using the option to manually post to Sage, orders that have this issue will not automatically come out of query status, you will need to click the Post button in the Orders screen to resolve the issue and post the order to Sage. 

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