Query Orders - No Product Record Could Be Found

An order may end up in query if you are using stock control and Tradebox cannot find a product record in its own database to match the SKU from the website or marketplace. If you are using Accounts stock control, you will only ever see this query if the product has a blank SKU, as products with SKUs will automatically be created in Tradebox for you. 

This problem displays the following message within the order itself:


It also displays in the Issues log, which you can access by clicking on Logs in the top right hand corner of the program, then clicking Issues.


To resolve the problem, either double click on the order in the orders list, or select the View Order button in the issues log, which will open up the order, and click on the Assign Tradebox SKU button.

This brings up two options: Create New Product for Existing SKU or Assign an Existing SKU to the item line.


If no product exists in Tradebox for that SKU and you would like to create it, choose the first option. This will create a skeleton product with the information available from the order. This is not available if the SKU from the marketplace is blank.

If the product record already exists in Tradebox, but has a SKU that is different to the one on the marketplace, choosing the option to assign an existing SKU will allow you to map those two together. If the marketplace SKU is blank, then you can match it to an existing product for one order, but this will not retain mapping going forwards. Choosing the tick box for Use description from existing SKU will overwrite the description on the order and use the description from the existing product record.

Once the SKU has been either created or assigned, the order will come out of query status on the next cycle of the service. 


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