Query Orders - Product Record Could Not Be Found in Sage

One reason that orders may end up with a status of query is if the marketplace and Tradebox SKU does not find a match in Sage. Either the product may not exist in Sage and needs to be created, or it does exist but has a different stock code to the one you use online or in Tradebox. In that situation, the product needs to be mapped.

This problem will present the below message inside the order itself:


It will also show in the issues log. This can be accessed by clicking on Logs in the top right hand corner of the program, then Issues. It will display a message as follows in both the Order Issues and Synchronisation Issues. 


To resolve it, you can click on the Product Mapping Issues button in the logs, which will display the following screen:


Select the relevant sales channel from the drop down list, and choose to show Marketplace SKUs with no mapped Sage product. This will bring up only the product mappings which are missing the Accounts SKU. You can then edit these mappings so they are complete, at which point the orders will come out of query and be posted to Sage. Product Mapping can also be accessed through Products -> Mapping.

Please Note: If you're using the option to manually post to Sage, orders that have this issue will not automatically come out of query status, you will need to click the Post button in the Orders screen to resolve the issue and post the order to Sage. 


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