Version 1.0.70803.0 - Published On 03/08/2017

The latest version of Tradebox is v1.0.70803.0, published on 03/08/2017. You can select Support in the software to check which version of the program you currently have installed. If you are currently using version 1.0.70629.0 (published on 29/06/2017) or earlier, please do not proceed without speaking to Tradebox support as there are changes you must make prior to upgrading. We can be contacted at 0191 257 4707 or Please also note that the upgrading database process will also take longer than usual when upgrading to this version. 

This build contains the following changes:

  • 'Display Quantities on Upload' feature added which will allow the user to see exactly what is being uploaded to the marketplace. 
  • Stock quantities can now be uploaded in a CSV to an FTP location
  • eBay orders will download after a 30 minute delay to avoid partial orders being downloaded
  • The ability to download unpaid orders from eBay has been removed
  • eBay listing ID now populated automatically on order download
  • Order list automatically filtered to only show last 2 weeks' worth of orders
  • The Sage sales order due date can now be automatically filled in
  • Paypal fees have been restructured and can be posted as individual fees and deleted; bugs fixed with Paypal and eBay fees
  • Bug with packing list and quantity multiplier fixed
  • Bugs fixed with stock quantity upload
  • Changes to product import
  • EKM products that provide a SKU of 0 in the API will now be treated as a blank SKU
  • Minor changes to user interface
  • Other minor bug fixes

To get the latest build, follow the steps at

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