Order Status Mapping

To enable order processing Tradebox allocates an internal order status against each order it imports. Tradebox internal order statuses (available for mapping) are as follows:

  • Unpaid
  • Paid
  • On Hold
  • Cancelled
  • Completed
  • Despatched

Status Mapping is held in each individual channel. In most instances order status mapping will be carried out when setting up a channel. To access the status mapping table open the channel and select the Statuses tab. This will display a table as follows:

 The table shows:

  • The marketplace status
  • The corresponding internal Tradebox Status
  • Whether orders with this status can be downloaded
  • Whether orders with this status can be posted to an integrated accounts package

New marketplace statuses can be added by clicking on the New button and filling out the dialog box. Existing statuses can be edited by either doubling clicking on an existing status in the list or clicking on the Edit button.





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