Query Orders - Payment Mapping

One of the reasons that an order may end up in a status of query is a payment mapping issue. 

This takes place in a situation where you have an accounts link set up and are posting receipts to Sage. If Tradebox discovers a new payment method from your marketplace or website that it hasn't seen before, it doesn't know which bank account in Sage the receipt should be allocated to. A bank account then needs to be allocated to that payment method before the orders can proceed to Sage.

A payment mapping issue will display as the query reason on the order itself as shown below:


It will also display in the issues log under both Order Issues and Synchronisation Issues:


To resolve the issue, click on the Payment Mapping Issues button. This will display the following screen:


You are then able to fill in the bank account column with your chosen Sage bank account. Saving this will resolve the problem for all orders with this payment method going forward, and the order(s) affected will be taken out of query status on the next cycle of the Tradebox Data Service. 

Payment Mapping can also be accessed from within each channel by going to Accounts -> Payments. 

Please Note: If you're using the option to manually post to Sage, orders that have this issue will not automatically come out of query status, you will need to click the Post button in the Orders screen to resolve the issue and post the order to Sage. 

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