Orders Not Posting to Accounts

One of the most common issues users encounter is that orders are in Tradebox but have not posted to the accounts. This article will help you easily identify why that's happening so you can resolve it. You might also find it helpful to click on Logs in the top right hand corner of Tradebox and select the Issues tab, as this will often specify which orders have not been posted and why.

Accounts Link Set Up

To post to the Accounts, first of all an accounts link needs to be set up. If you've upgraded to Tradebox One from Finance Manager, please check that the accounts link has been reconnected to Sage. 

Manual Posting to Accounts 

Is manual posting enabled? The setting 'Show Post to Accounts', found in Configuration -> Preferences controls this. If this is turned on, nothing will post to the accounts without the user clicking the Post button, which appears at the top of the orders list.


Automatic Posting

If Show Post to Accounts is not selected, then the orders will be posted automatically by the Tradebox Data Service. The service appears as an icon on your taskbar, and you may have to click the white arrow to view it, as shown below. If this is not running, no orders will be posted to the accounts. 


If orders still don't post after you click the Post button in Orders, or the service is running without problems, then one of the following reasons could be at the root of the problem:

Deactivated Channel

If a channel is deactivated or download is not ticked, no orders will be posted. You can check this in the Channels screen. Any channel that does not have a green tick in both the Active and Download column will post no orders to the accounts.


Status Reasons

You can determine what status an order is at by looking at the order in the Orders screen. The following status reasons can prevent an order from being posted:

  • Status not selected or listed in the channel

To post to the accounts, an order needs to meet the status criteria that you require. Within each sales channel, there is a status screen where you can choose which order statuses should be posted. If the order status is not listed in this screen, or if it is listed but doesn't have a tick in the Post column, then orders with that status will not post. In the example below, only orders with a status of Despatched will post.


  • Orders are On Hold

Any orders with a status of on hold in Tradebox will not be posted. These must be manually changed to a status which has been set to post to the accounts in order to be sent across. 

  • Orders are in Query

There are several reasons why an order might go into query:

An order in query will not be posted to the accounts until the query reason, which is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the order and also in the Issues log, is resolved. 

Don't post orders dated prior to

Within each channel, in the Accounts tab there is a setting called 'Don't post orders dated prior to'. This is usually set automatically to the day the accounts link is set up, to help avoid duplication. If an order is dated prior to this date, it will not be posted and you will see a message alerting you to this in the Issues Log.



TBSERVICE is already logged into Sage

When connecting to Sage, Tradebox logs in the same way as any other user. When setting up the connection, you will have created a user in Sage which we recommend to call TBSERVICE. If for any reason this user does not get logged out at the end of Sage posting, the next time that Tradebox comes to log into Sage to post orders, it will be unable to do so. 

You will receive an error in the issues log that states Tradebox was unable to connect to Sage as the supplied logon name TBSERVICE is in use. To resolve this, either log in and out of Sage with the TBSERVICE user, or, when logged into Sage as Manager, click on View and select and remove TBSERVICE from the list.

Please Note: TBSERVICE will log in and out of Sage when posting so it is normal to see it in the user list. Removing the user while it is actually working in Sage can cause problems with your data, so only remove it if you see the error message with a current time stamp and if in any doubt contact Tradebox Support before proceeding.

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