Beta Test Version 1.0.70216.0 - Published on 16/02/2017

The latest version of Tradebox is V1.0.70216.0, published on 16/02/2017. You can 

select Support in the software to check which version of the program you currently have installed.

This build contains the following changes:

  • Improvements to product mapping
  • Changes to the product mapping import and export features
  • Product upload options import added
  • Improvements to the Bigcommerce set up wizard
  • The option to specify a CSV file name to download from an FTP added
  • Minor bug fixes to CSV import
  • Minor bug fixes to the user interface
  • Corbel font no longer included in the installer

To upgrade to the latest version please follow the instructions in the Tradebox One Upgrade article. If you are on a version prior to 1.0.70202.0, installed earlier than 02/02/2017, you are advised to contact Tradebox support before reinstalling as you may need additional instructions on replacing the Corbel font. 

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