Bigcommerce Set Up

Creating an integration with a Bigcommerce store is pretty straight forward and only takes a few minutes to do. See the Channel Configuration article for more information on tweaking the channel integration settings once the sales channel setup wizard is complete.

Before you can create an integration between Tradebox and Bigcommerce you will need to create API Credentials on your Bigcommerce store.


From within the Channels module choose New to start the New Sales Channel Wizard and then choose Bigcommerce from the drop down list. Then select Next



On the 2nd screen enter a name for the Bigcommerce sales channel and select the currency the orders will download in; by default this is set to GBP. Only orders in the established currency will be downloaded.

Next enter your Bigcommerce API Credentials into the corresponding API Connection Details fields. Then select Next



The next page allows you to map your Bigcommerce order statuses to Tradebox's internal order statuses. To retrieve the Bigcommerce order statuses click on the download arrow to the right of the screen. Only map the order statuses that you wish to be downloaded from Bigcommerce.Then select Next



The next page deals with importing your Products into Tradebox One. If this isn't applicable then you can simply click on Finish. There are 2 options on the wizard: 


Map existing Product Records

If ticked, Tradebox will automatically create a mapping between existing product records in Tradebox and the product SKUs that are downloaded in the Bigcommerce orders. Existing mappings can be amended and new mappings created at any time via Products > Mapping.



Import Products from Inventory

This allows product records and inventory levels to be downloaded and created in Tradebox. Simply tick the box and then select Finish. This will complete the wizard and import products and inventory levels from Bigcommerce.

Note - product import from Bigcommerce will create all products with the default tax code in Tradebox. If your products have a mixture of VAT treatments, these will need to be amended later via ProductsBatch. Alternatively, leave the import from inventory option unticked and import your products later from a CSV file which Bigcommerce can generate.

Once the Sales Channel wizard is complete you can add more settings and adjust existing settings inside the channel record. See the Channel Configuration article for more information.



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